Potty Training Your Child At Daycare? 3 Tips To Follow

Potty training is difficult enough as it is, but you'll find that it can be even more challenging if done while a child is going to daycare.  These tips can help potty training go smoothly when your child is away during the day.

Wait Until the Time is Right

You should wait until your child shows some kind of interest in the potty before you start potty training.  This often happens once a child can recognize that they are wet and not like how a wet diaper feels.  Unfortunately, many diapers are so absorbent that your child may not mind what a wet diaper feels like.  That's why it helps to use their overall interest levels as a guide.

Go to your local library and borrow some kids friendly books about potty training.  Reading stories about little girls and boys that are starting to use the potty could help get your child in the mindset that they want to be a big kid that uses the potty.  The stories help get the idea in their head that using the potty is something they should do.

Talk With Your Daycare

It is important that  your daycare is using the same techniques that you use at home. There are so many methods of potty training out there that you should inform your child's care providers about what style of potty training you want to use. 

You may also know some tips that you want to share that help make potty training easier.  For instance, you may find that your kid always says no if you ask them if they want to use the potty, and you need to tell them that it is time to sit down on the potty.  Chances are that if you ask a child to do something that they're going to say no.

Use a Nap Diaper

You may have made switched to underwear, but don't feel like your child needs to be in underwear all the time.  It is common for children to wear a diaper during their nap since it can be such a long time to go without using the potty.  In general, you'll find that kids don't question that they use a diaper for nap once they start potty training, and won't automatically use the diaper while it is on.  The nap diaper will help avoid some accidents while your child is starting out with potty training.

Work with the daycare, like Toddle Towne Learning Centers, for more help.

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