8 Things Preschool Teachers Want Parents To Know

Sending your child to preschool for the first time can be difficult. Fortunately, it happens every day and becomes easier over time. What you may not realize is that preschool teachers have in-depth understanding of different situations, possibly even those just like yours. This guide will walk you through some common advice preschool teachers may have for your family.

1. Children live up to expectations set for them, and sometimes it is important to encourage them to take on daunting tasks. When you show that you believe in your child, they are likely to become more confident in their own abilities. Your support helps a lot.

2. Children and parents should read together frequently. Reading and writing together provides more than a demonstration; it also provides valuable time spent together learning and growing.

3. Establishing a routine is everything. When children are on a solid routine that includes everything storytime to bedtime, they understand what to expect. Children adapt well to these types of routines, which makes it all the more important that they have a solid routine while attending preschool.

4. Know the signs of a child losing interest. When children lose interest, they are more prone to tantrums. They are less willing to continue learning or participating, and it has no bearing on how intelligent they are. Even the smartest children are not likely to have the same level of interest in the same activities for the same length as you.

5. Praise leads to cooperation. When you tell a child that he or she has done a good job, they will be much more likely to do the same thing again. A few words can go a long way.

6. Having faith in your child may help ease separation anxiety. When your child sees that you feel unstable or insecure about leaving him or her at preschool, they may feel the same sense of dread. Being confident in your decision may prevent anxiety from taking hold.

7. Provide warning about transitions. Keeping your child in the dark does not do anybody any good. Be honest with children about preschool.

8. Ask your child's preschool teacher if you have questions or concerns. It is never wrong to ask for help when you need it, especially because preschool teachers have so much experience in this realm. They have seen all of this before and can provide words of wisdom.

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