Signs Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

Not all young children are ready to go to preschool, even though the programs revolve around kids of young ages. Some children are too shy or have separation issues and going to preschool is not a great idea. Is your child ready for preschool? Don't use their age to determine if they are ready for this step in their life, but rather certain accomplishments. 

Use this guide to determine if your child is ready for preschool. If your child passes this guide and you feel confident in their abilities, you can then explore preschool programs in your area with ease.

Your child is eager to learn

Does your child know many words? Do they already mimic the cartoons they see on TV or ask you repeatedly what objects, colors, shapes, and other things are? If so, your child's curious mind may be ready for more extensive learning. Preschool programs allow your child to learn how to spell and speak their own name, learn basic colors and shapes, and learn how to count and tell numbers apart, among other things.

Your child is a problem solver

Can your child figure out how to open a door if it's closed? Can your child talk a peer out of an argument or simple physical altercation? If your child is a problem solver rather than always coming to an adult with every little issue, then they are ready for preschool. This doesn't mean your child can't ask for help in buttoning their pants or tying their shoes; it just means your child is an independent thinker and a doer, which can make them more mature than peers who are unable or unwilling to do these things.

Your child is social

Your child doesn't have to like absolutely everyone they come in contact with, but if your child is social to both men and women and enjoys meeting new people, then they may be ready for preschool. One of the benefits of early learning is teaching children how to be social, so even if your child is social but doesn't know how to engage in others, preschool is a great tool for them to learn.

Your child may be eager to be social but can also be very shy at the same time. This is fine. Preschool teachers work with children of all social degrees and teach children how to get along in various settings for a great learning environment.

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Not all young children are ready to go to preschool, even though the programs revolve around kids of young ages. Some children are too shy or have sep