The Benefits Of A Jewish Community Preschool Program

Are you considering a Jewish community preschool for your child? If you're searching for the just-right early learning program for your young student, take a look at the benefits of a Jewish pre-K.

1. History Activities

Your curious child wants to know everything about everything. Extend their love of learning into Jewish history. Even though the preschool-level curriculum typically doesn't include detailed historical content, it's a place where young children can learn the basics. This may include lessons or activities that focus on places and faces throughout history.

2. Holiday Celebrations

From the Rosh Hashanah to Sukkot, your child will learn about their family's holidays and traditions at school. Even though you celebrate these special days at home or in your community, the preschool experience allows your child to understand the meanings, symbols, and celebrations on a developmentally appropriate level.

Not only will your child have the opportunity to learn about holidays, but they'll also experience these celebrations first-hand through classroom activities. Whether your child paints a seder plate in the art area, dresses up for the school's Purim festival, or engages in another similar holiday-based activity, they'll learn about these celebrations in interesting, meaningful, and age-appropriate ways.

3. New Friendships

As your child moves from the toddler phase into the preschool phase, they'll transition from parallel play (playing near, but not with, another child) into more social behaviors. You may notice that your child starts to make friends based on shared interests or starts to engage in group games/play scenarios.

Jewish community preschool programs can go a step beyond the secular school social scene. While your child can make friends in both types of early educational settings, a Jewish pre-K allows your young student to form bonds with children who share the same religion, culture, and family values as you do.

4. Identity Development

The older your child gets, the more they become their own person. Your preschooler is ready and able to develop their own independent identity. While many factors contribute to identity development, cultural and religious values are key to self-identification as your child matures. A Jewish pre-K program can offer a foundation for identity development within their religious community.

From history and the meaning behind religious celebrations to first friendships and identity development, a Jewish pre-K program provides your child with the chance to explore and understand their religion through their own eyes and the eyes of trained early childhood professionals. Contact preschools like Tiny Tots Incorporated to learn more.

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